Why I haven’t been posting?

Self Awareness, Self Management and inner peace.

We all need time to grow ourselves and that requires self healing, tea, health drinks, eating healthier and meditation. Also some time off of work and spending it with loved ones.

I have been focusing on my other platforms such as facebook and YouTube and CastBox. I have not forgotten you guys and I have tons of blogs to share with you. Be on the look out I’ll be posting tomorrow!

Stay open minded, straight forward and remember you are in control.

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How to manifest the greatest life you ever wanted to live.

First off, this is a great article to read if you really want to change that hamster lifestyle cycle of yours, you know the one where we wake up, shower, cook, go to work etc. It’s the same thing everyday and night, some may not mind but if you’re anything like me..it gets boring. So how can you change that this very moment as you’re reading this? Go on any vacation, accumulate wealth, perfect health, healthy relationships and more? Well lets begin..

#1 Accepting Past Downfalls.

I put this as my number one rule simply because this is what prevents a lot of us from attempting success. We go for it, think it won’t go right and wind up not even going back for it. We let ourselves fall into the traps of our minds, from things they went wrong in the past. Trust me I’ve rode this never ending train before. I say lets learn and grow from it, take every detail from your downfall and seek a way of making it better.

  • What exactly went wrong?
  • What did I miss?/
  • How can I avoid this exact situation again?
  • Most importantly how can I make it a greater comeback?

Once you learn how to answer those 4 main important questions, you’ll see that you can solve the solution to any downfall and make it a great comeback.

#2 Controlling your thoughts.

As I mentioned in my #1 rule to accept downfalls cause no one is perfect and we all have them, but sometimes our thought process plays a great part in how we succeed or fail in life, and how long it continues. Overthinking is the worse disease to have (I know it’s not really a disease) but it feels like one. It hinders you from doing things most can so easily, and others may judge you for it. How can we control that never ending motor mouth inside our heads?

  • PAUSE, close your eyes, and take a few slow breaths.
  • Focus on something random that brings you peace, may it be a food dish, a song, color etc. Do this for at least 30 seconds, slowly increasing the duration within due time.
  • Think of a funny moment and re call every detail from it that you remember, how it made you feel.
  • Lastly, Think back to what made you over think on the first place and use these same steps to find your right answer.

Controlling our thoughts gives us many great and useful benefits mentally and physically. We stress less, we handle tough situations with ease and efficiently. We take control on what risk and steps we want to take without fear of failing, or allowing someone else tell us what’s best for us. We become more trusting in our words and what is the right way to think and the wrong. Opening your world to so many amazing life changing opportunities that the old you would have passed up on due to over thinking.

#3 Manifesting exactly what you want.

Although this is extremely important point in creating the life you want to live, and the most power-fullest one. I left it last because you must be able to tame rule 1&2 in order to make rule #3 come true before your very eyes. Other wise you will manifest a horrible life, and almost everyone does this rule subconsciously every single day. Whether their outcomes were great or not. The rules still applies.

  • Picture whatever it is you want strongly in your mind.
  • See where you are in that thought, what clothes are you wearing, shoes, smells,who is with you, what are they saying.
  • Visualize in almost great HD detail that you feel you are already there.
  • Focus only on that one visualization at the moment.
  • Feel what is around you in that thought, are you warm, cold, hungry, ?
  • What scenery’s are there, nature sounds, cars?
  • What is your mood?

When we visualize something for so long with strong emotions connected to that exact thought, it can be happy, sadness, anger, eager, accomplished, wealthy, important. We will eventually bring that energy into reality. The universe hears energies not words. So what ever feeling you have in that thought moment, make sure it’s a positive one. It won’t be easy or hard, with great patience and practice you will create your life as like it’s magic. Most importantly, you have to really feel and believe as it is yours already..not as when you are going to have it ; but as you are living that very moment right now and I promise you, you will see amazing results.

We have always been the creators of our lives, through The Power Of Thought, we just needed a nudge to lead it in the correct way.

Universal Missions

Thank You for Reading! I’m rooting for you. All positive energies being sent your way.

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How to attract the things you need and want!

Hey readers I have a great topic for you..although they are very simple tips, they may be challenging for some. Most people can’t control the negative thoughts in their heads daily..let alone try to force themselves to only think positive.

Here is the trick. THINK BIG..not small. If you want more finances, love, happiness or maybe you have been wanting to travel for some time. Take time off, or you just want to improve some parts of your life. The way to do this is to alter your thinking patterns. When we change the way we think, we change the way we see things and how we act on them.

For example someone who always sees a negative in any situation, or they fear of failure will never attempt to take any risk because in their heads, they feel they have already failed.


When a person sees only opportunities to grow..they will always go over and beyond to improve themselves. Your thoughts play a major role in every action you take. If you want better..think better and more and better ideas will appear to you more than ever.

A negative persons gives off low energies and the universe sends it right back, a positive person gives off higher energies and the universe gives it right back..which is why when a person stays angry all day only bad things keep happening..and a person who stays in a positive energy most likely will have a greater day..may even find some cash.

Think positive and you’ll get positive back.